The Story That I Tell Myself



There is no “me”, but the story I tell myself. I grasp the story tightly to myself and do not recognize that the tale I’ve spun is entirely dependent on every other thing in the world.

I cannot point to anything else to define “me”. I can not point to my relationships. I can not point to anything that I have done in the past or some direction that I am headed in the future. It is all part of the story that I tell myself to create “me”.

I breathe in.

I pay attention to this moment. This moment that is not a place, something that is not solid. It is unfolding before me, being born and dying each moment. There is no me in the past. There is no me in the future. I have no life outside of the unfolding activity of this moment.

Through each moment, I flow like a body of water moving. There is only this moment as it unfolds.

I let go of this concept of a “me”, of a “myself”, of an “I” that stands separate from this world and environment. It drops away and I and all things are born and die together in the bloom of each moment.

25 thoughts on “The Story That I Tell Myself


    Carry me on down the electric highway
    To the windless plains of Troy
    Where the forest of question marks grows
    Among the sun of synoptic finality

    And in the void of the dimensionless place
    There to taste the perfume
    Where the point circle flowers
    Mass is infinite and light only is

    Where the line of existence cuts the plane of now
    Subsists the point of me
    Line, plane and point exist without thickness
    The circle of self has no diameter

    This non-existent pointless point
    Where movement is bound is where the pointers point
    For all dimensions remain at rest
    While endless vistas greet the I

  2. Wow, excellent,

    In Buddhas brain, neuroscience now says the famous “Who Am I ? Has no subject. Zen Buddhist knew that 2500 years ago. We are catching up.

    Such a simplistic way of describing mindfulness. Thank you

  3. Beautiful prose and sentiment. It sounds like something written after a good meditation session. I hope to reach that sense of one-ness one day. I’m doing better with living in the moment.

  4. I love the article. We are all connected and yet finding that sense of oneness in a world that clings to individuality can be a daily struggle. Thank you for letting go and for sharing this with all of us. Namaste

  5. Great Post – Thank You. Trying to find truth in the moment is the true release. Worrying about past & future is only a constraint. I love your writing, your clarity and your truth. Again, thank you !

  6. Reblogged this on Desire Creates Life and commented:
    I love this blog (and this blogger). This post reminds me that this is all a story and that I get to say how it all goes. In my life right now, I am genuinely following the path I have desired, and it is beset on all sides by things, events and circumstances that have been created to help me, aid me in journeying the direction of my dreams. However, it is only because I continue to keep all of it in mind that I continue to ‘flow’ toward what I desire. This post reminds me of the temporality of it, and my power in it all. Enjoy!

  7. Dear Wisconsin Zen,
    With your permission I would like to use the phrase “The Story I Tell Myself” as the tag line of my blog. Is that allright with you?

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