Understanding And Compassion

Understanding and compassion need to evolve beyond doctrine and ideas. Transform the insights from these doctrines into real life. Understanding and compassion need to be real existing entities within real life that can be seen, touched, and experimented with. The presence of understanding and compassion can alleviate suffering and cause the birth of joy…and the appearance of a smile.

May you find peace in the bloom of each moment.


Thinking Less


Thoughts continually beat against my mind like a lighthouse battered by icy waves. I am able to tame the mind though, through the practice of conscious breathing, and it leaves me serene. This connection between my breath and body is a gift; one that offers me rest, peace, and relaxation. During meditation, I have chosen to practice letting the barrage of thoughts running through my head flow out, like so much dirty bath water down a drain. And I become peace.

Breathing in, I calm my body.

Breathing out, I smile.

Dwelling in the present moment,

I know that this is a wonderful moment!

May you find peace in the bloom of each new moment 🙂


The Story That I Tell Myself



There is no “me”, but the story I tell myself. I grasp the story tightly to myself and do not recognize that the tale I’ve spun is entirely dependent on every other thing in the world.

I cannot point to anything else to define “me”. I can not point to my relationships. I can not point to anything that I have done in the past or some direction that I am headed in the future. It is all part of the story that I tell myself to create “me”.

I breathe in.

I pay attention to this moment. This moment that is not a place, something that is not solid. It is unfolding before me, being born and dying each moment. There is no me in the past. There is no me in the future. I have no life outside of the unfolding activity of this moment.

Through each moment, I flow like a body of water moving. There is only this moment as it unfolds.

I let go of this concept of a “me”, of a “myself”, of an “I” that stands separate from this world and environment. It drops away and I and all things are born and die together in the bloom of each moment.