Buddhism In A Nutshell

Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional.

9 thoughts on “Buddhism In A Nutshell

  1. I have chronic pain from a triple rollover and an athletic career, my spine fused and nerves killed several times, but I do not suffer.

    Being in a chronic pain group, you learn their is the physical pain, reality, and then there is all the added pain we lump on called suffering.

    Fearing your pain, stress, guilt, unworthiness all increase pain.

    Neuro science states what fires together wires together, that means it grows with attention.

    Fear anything out of perspective and it will grow.

    • I also have severe chronic pain due to spinal fusion (lots of metal in me) and thoracoplasty (when they remove your ribs). I like to say that pain is a patient teacher, and it definitely has been a gift in terms of my spiritual growth. To function with a high level of pain daily, you almost have to learn to feel the difference between that which happens to your body, and that which affects your soul and mind. I can be happy and be in a huge amount of pain at the same time. When you learn that suffering is optional through the lens of physical pain, I think it becomes much easier to beat emotional pain- things that would turn other people’s lives upside down are fairly easy for me to deal with. You could live a thousand lives and not have the opportunity we have, I also follow the teachings of Buddhism. For years I felt bitter and angry (it all began when I was 12 years old)- but now that I’m older (26), I see the true value of the experience. I don’t think I would have ever reached the type of peace I feel without these experiences.

      • It is more mindfulness, zen, Buddhist like, be present, follow the breath, let the thoughts and emotions trying to attach to pain go.

        Strength is in doing nothing, not reacting to the pain.

        Pain can not harm you, unless it reaches a certain intensity, then all nets are off.

        I salute small things for the attitude.

        It helps if an attitude like,

        Never give up, never give in, smile, take action, rest, laugh

        Good post so zen, so minamalistic.

  2. Thank you WisconZen for liking my post. I am so very new to this but it is really amazing to read and share everyones thoughts and humor. I love your post . Very cool….. Thanks again, Lisa

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